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II live in Brampton, Ontario, some 30 Kilometers
northwest of Toronto. I was born in 1937. I came
to Canada with my parents from Germany in 1954.
I have owned and used cameras since I was 10
years old, starting with an Agfa Box Camera.

I speak and write fluently in English and German
(and get along OK in French, Spanish and Italian).

My newest camera (Jan. 2009) is a Nikon D90,
so far with an AF-S Nikkor DX 18-105mm and
an AF-S Nikkor ED 70-300mm lens

Meanwhile, my wife has inherited my Sony
Cybershot DSC-F828, and retired my/her previous
Sony Mavica MVC-CD500.

She continues to use our DCR-TRV340 Digital
Film Camera, however, and does some excellent
work with it.

But I also continue using our "old" Minolta XG700 as
well as our Sony Digital Handycam DCR-TRV720.

My main photographic interests are landscapes and
landscape mood photos, as well as nature. But I
shoot absolutely everything that comes before my
lens, if it is of interest.

Other hobbies? Too many to list them here, but
among others, I collect music (way back to the
78rpm records), Pelican Statues, Postage Stamps,
Books and much more, giving rise to the mean
rumour that my ancestors were squirrels!

I would like to post a number of my best photos
here (absolutely my own opinion!). My albums
are currently "parked" in diverse Web Sites:


Ich lebe in Brampton, Ontario, Kanada (etwa 30
km nordwestlich von Toronto). Ich wanderte in
1954 mit meinen Eltern nach Kanada aus. Ich
selbst bin Jahrgang 1937 und habe seit meinem
10. Lebensjahr zahlreiche Kameras besessen,
angefangen mit einer Agfa Box-Kamera.

Ich spreche fliessend Englisch und Deutsch
und kann mich in Franzoesich , Spanisch und
Italienisch verstaendlich machen.

Meine neueste Kamera (Jan. 2009) ist eine
Nikon D90, mit AF-S Nikkor 18-105mm und
AF-S Nikkor 70-300mm Objektiven.

Mein vorheriger Favorit, eine Sony Cybershot
DSC-F828, habe ich also (wie gewoehnlich)
an meine Frau weiter gegeben. Ihre vorherige
Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 ging in den Ruhestand.

Sie braucht auch weiterhin unsere Sony DCR-TRV
340 Digitale Filmkamera, mit ausgezeichneten

Aber ich benutze auch noch meine "alte" Minolta
XG700, sowie eine Sony Digitale Handycam,
Modell DCR-TRV720. Ich besitze noch saemtliche
meiner Kameras, plus diverse vererbte Modelle.

Mein fotographisches Hauptinteresse sind
Landschaften und landschaftliche Stimmungs-
Bilder sowie Naturbilder, aber ich schiesse absolut
alles andere, was mir vor die Linse kommt.

Andere Hobbies? Zuviele, um sie hier alle
aufzulisten. Unter eanderem sammle ich Musik
(zurueck bis zu 78rpm Platten), Buecher sowie
Pelikan-Statuen, Briefmarken und vieles andere
(das meine Vorfahren Eichhoernchen waren, ist
natuerlich nur ein boeses Geruecht!

Ich moechte eine Anzahl meiner besten Fotos
(absolute Ansichtssache!) in diese Liste stellen.
Meine Alben flattern augenblicklich auf diversen
"Parkplaetzen" herum.

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  • KRISTINA SCHIRMER 05/02/2009 21:25

    hi peter,
    "love II"
    "love II"

    this is a picture from our latest
    trip on the keys in florida!
    have a wonderful weekend!
  • KRISTINA SCHIRMER 11/10/2008 21:22

    hello peter,
    today i have something for you

    guess you ll like it...
    enjoy and have great weekend!
    cheers kris
  • Ladislav Patrný 19/12/2007 15:00

    Merry christmas and happy new year.
    I´m wishing you a very good year and lots of nice photos in year 2008.
  • Pedro Aguiniga 05/07/2007 2:33

    Happy to disrupt your world, Your welcome.
  • photofication 18/05/2007 0:22

    Hello from Germany,

    thanks for your comment. Found some nics pics here, be glad to live in Canada not Germany.

    As time goes by, I hopefully emigrate to this wonderfull country.

  • Wayne Tsipouras 13/04/2007 1:01

    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for your interesting comment and dropping in on my corner of the FC.
    All the best from southern lands.
    Nothing quite so ordinary my friend. ;-)

    Watchful Ogre :-)
    Watchful Ogre :-)
    Wayne Tsipouras
  • Ladislav Patrný 11/04/2007 9:19

    Hi Peter
    Title pointed is: Balea biplicata,
    title bulbed is: Cepaea hortensis.
    Ahoj Ladislav
  • Véronique Soulier 25/03/2007 11:44

    all eyes tell something about soul... even those ;-))
    best regard Véronique
  • Reinhard Reisch 03/03/2007 16:05

    Hallo Peter bin ganz neu in der fc. Spitzenbider einfach Super. Viele Gruesse
    Reinhard ehemals Kanadamailing ( Missunde )
  • Pascal Viyer 15/12/2006 17:41

    thanks for your kindness, Peter !
  • Jan Van Der Hooft 14/02/2006 17:25

    Thanks for your nice comment, you have great nature, great mountains like Moun Robson, nice parks like Wells Gray park. I visit my family ones in Canada, Cache Creek near Kamloops in 1996, We live below sea level!! and we have great nature to, see my pics!!
    Greetings Jan

  • Robert L. Roux 08/09/2005 7:05

    Hi Peter
    Great pictures ...
  • Cees Kuijs 05/09/2005 16:20

    Hello Peter, Thank you for all your kind comments.
    Keep the good work coming!!
    Greetings, Cees.
    ps, if I see the old mister Engels, I`ll give him yours regards :-))
  • Rita VanDeemter 02/09/2005 9:55

    Thanks Peter for your comment on my goose pic.
    I took quiet a few of her doing that, she was mad at her mate for not coming out the water, so she did this for a
    few minutes LOL
  • Alex Padre 01/09/2005 4:34

    Thank you for looking at the my photo "Exotic Food (Insect)". I am fond of taking pictures of unique things. I have visited your gallery and must say you take nice picture. I enjoyed looking at them! :)
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I have since early 2022 added n Nikon AF-Z-50 to my stable of cameras, but no longer make any movies since my my wife died of Cancer in June, 2018. I moved to Wasaga Beach, Ontario in 2019, and am now an active member in the Georgian Bay Photo Club in Collingwood, Ontario. Thee Z-50 has become my main camera, althoug for different lenses I still use the Nikon D-5200 and the Nikon D-90. The standard lens for my Z-50 is the DX 16-50, which serves me very well for most of my photos.