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I’m a specialist in CAD/CAM software for machinebuilding and instrument-making.
I live in the small town called Mendeleevo (40 km from Moscow). There is forest around our settlement and the Kliazma river flows near my home. I’m an amateur photographer. Earlier I used film, but now I shoot by digital CANON EOS 20D with CANON lens (17-40/4, 70-200/4, 35/2 and 85/1,8). Unfortunately, I don’t have personal page in the WEB, but I have my Russian photopage (see profile).
Fotocommunity – my first attempt to show my shots to foreigners.
I like this kind atmosphere and I can see many good shots around the world here.
My English is not very good, sorry for possible mistakes.

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  • Tatiana Gutskova 15/03/2010 12:14

    Leo, I really like your pictures. These unexpected angles. Cool.
  • Tad Kanazaki 24/05/2009 2:28

    Thank you for your comment.
    Bw Tad.
    When it clears up!!!
    When it clears up!!!
    Tad Kanazaki
  • Canan Oner 02/04/2009 12:49

    Thank you so much for the visit & comment Leo !!!
  • Graham Piggot 07/12/2008 18:24

    Leo, many thanks for your comment
    Regards from Scotland
    Tree in the mist
    Tree in the mist
    Graham Piggot
  • 1944Lynky 07/12/2008 14:11

    Thank you again Leo.............
  • 1944Lynky 07/12/2008 14:07

    Leo thank you for your comment........
  • Colin R Powell 07/12/2008 13:12

    Hello Leo
    Thank you for your comment on my photo Millstone
    Yes it is realy old part of an old watermill which is being refurbished
    Regards Colin
  • Gert van der Flier 04/12/2008 20:02

    Dear Leo,
    I wish you a merry Christmas and a very healthful and happy new year 2009. Thanks for your friendship and nice comments on my pictures.
    I hope we can continue our friendship and share our pictures also in 2009.
    Best regards, Gert
  • Dianna 17/08/2008 18:00

    Thank you Leo for viewing and making comments to this photo. :-)
    Greetings to you! :-)
  • Camilla Antonsen 02/08/2008 23:31

    I mean the moon, sometimes I just say wrong . : ))
  • Dianna 24/05/2008 16:27

    This photo was done on a fun day with photoshop editing.
    So much out there to learn and do :-)
    Thank you for your comments.
    Sketch in Soft Pastels
    Sketch in Soft Pastels
  • Dianna 24/05/2008 16:25

    Thank you for your comments on my photo.
    I was expermenting with stills and close ups.
    Had a lot of fun....and as you can see...
    I am a grown up who owns crayons. ;-)
    Have a great weekend!
    Take Time To Color
    Take Time To Color
  • Elisheba 25/03/2008 0:27

    Thank you for your note. ;-)
  • Gert van der Flier 07/03/2008 17:12

    Hello Leo,
    Thanks for visiting me and given your nice comments on several of my pictures.
    I appreciated this a lot.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Kind regards, Gert
  • Mauro Stradotto 20/02/2008 11:56

    Ciao Leo, thanks for your comment.
    A presto, ciao
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