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mr norman lynch

Hi this is my profile, i am Norman. I have been taking photos for the past mmmm49 years at least and got into digital about 5 years ago i joined this group about 2 months back but been active the last 3 weeks and hope to meet some friends and learn from others as you are always learning new tricks and perspectives. I am married and now retired so have the chance to explore further with the subject. I am from the N.E. of England, a photographers mecca Northumberland. The land of castles beaches and steeped in history.

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  • ERS-Images.ch 20/07/2021 16:40

    Hello Norman
    Thank you for your compliments and for favoring one of my photos, it makes me very happy that you liked this image. I visited the south of England a long time ago, especially Kent and London, also as far as Land's End, The Lizard, Mullion, etc. from the time of the Torrey Canyon disaster. Torrey Canyon oil spill - Wikipedia
    Best regards, Roland

    Gänsesäger Family Reussbrücke Werd  2021-05-04 206 (79) ©
    Gänsesäger Family Reussbrücke Werd 2021-05-04 206 (79) ©
  • Rudolf52 14/07/2021 12:08

    Hello Norman,
    Thank you for your praise and for favoring the crab spider.
    Greetings Rudolf
  • Karena Lüber 04/07/2021 14:18

    Hallo Norman, 
    vielen Dank für Dein Lob und das Favorisieren der "Hainschwebfliege". Einen schönen Sonntag und liebe Grüße Karena
  • Pfriemer 03/07/2021 16:10

    Hi, dear Norman, thank you for being my new friend to share our photo galeries. I'm from Thailand but staying in Munich at the present, returning to my home in Bangkok end of this month. I hope going to travel again as sonn as possdible for capturing new photos. Greetings from Munich Wolfgang
  • Edith Brückner 27/06/2021 11:39

    Herzlichen Dank für Dein Lob "Rehbock" . LG Edith
  • RaMi49 27/06/2021 9:43

    Danke für dein Lob für mein Foto vom Mohn. LG Regina aus Potsdam
  • Rudolf52 26/06/2021 8:08

    Thank you for the praise for the western cherry fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) . Was strange because there are no cherry trees nearby (not even on the plate :-))
    Greetings Rudolf
  • Foxvater 17/06/2021 15:58

    Viele Dank für dein Lob.VGFriedel
  • nikonier56 16/06/2021 14:22

    Hi Norman! Thank you for your praise to "Schafstelze"
  • NoSi-Photo 16/06/2021 14:12

    Hallo Norman danke für deinen wiederholten Besuch auf meiner Seite und die gemachten Lobe VG Norbert
  • Hans.Fiedler 08/06/2021 21:18

    Ich danke Dir für Dein Lob meines Teichrohrsängers !
    LG Hans
  • jabri 01/06/2021 6:25

    Hallo und vielen Dank für dein Lob.
    VG jabri
  • RalphWodtkeFotografie 31/05/2021 12:12

    Hallo Norman, vielen Dank für deine vielen Lobe.
  • Luis Vega 30/05/2021 16:51

    Hi Norman! Thank you for your praise to "Blauer Käfer"
    Greetings from Austria.
  • Ludwig Bruckmaier 29/05/2021 20:08

    HI Norman, vielen Dank für Dein Lob.
    lG aus Bayern von Ludwig
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