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My passion started a couple years ago with small digital camera Olympus c3040z. It was only a toy, but perfect tool to dive into photography world. I understood what it means to take a well done picture, principles of compositon and light set. Now I'm continuing my learning on SLR. I must say it is fun! I'm particularly interested in report photography and portraits. I think that there is nothing more interesting than a human face.

The photography is just my hobby - I'm still trying to learn many things, but in spite of this, i hope you will enjoy my pictures.

Please, check also profile of my dear friends, Trossmus and hold thumbs for Pawel Prokop , he is new in the buisness ;).

II'm working on Canon 7D with my set of ''jars'' :

Tokina 11-16 | F2.8
Canon 50mm | F1.2
Canon 28-135 | F3.5/5.6

My pictures shortlisted to gallery:
Destination - Cusco (Peru)
Destination - Cusco (Peru)

Old Indian Woman (Peru)
Old Indian Woman (Peru)

Thank you everyone who's voting my pictures.
Pro or Contra, your voice is important to me.
/best wishes to everyone

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