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I like to run. I like to ride.
I just a crazy russian guy.

I dream to meet the goddess...
To meet my little muse..

I know - my English very auwfull...
But doesn't matter it -
My love would being even better,
That just YOU "knock" in to my door.

O, my sadfull goddess...my apriory muse!
I NOW - you so butifull...you so sexy...
But WHY you love is so...so faraway?
Please come back - and I'm F*CK YOU down away!

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  • Sasha Yastremskyi 10/02/2009 7:56

    Hey, Zhenya, thanks a bunch for your support.
  • Kamil Kierzkowski 26/05/2008 22:30

    thanks for Your comment :)
    its original motion effect, without photoshop :)
    Kamil Kierzkowski
  • Irina Pidova 23/12/2007 19:51

    Wish you Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Keep the faith
    Keep the faith
    Irina Pidova

  • Irina Pidova 22/07/2007 14:55

    Hello Zhenya,
    Thank you for you trip into my profile! Thank you so much for your nice and kind comments! You made me smile!!!! I hope to see you around!
  • DaDe Jelmini 06/07/2007 10:58

    thanx Z for your smily comment:-)
    wish you a wonderful day
    DaDe Jelmini

  • Zhenya Z. 04/07/2007 16:41

    O, ModeL SriM! With such matchless bathing suit, with such black glasses and long hair - the comment can be ONLY GOOD! :)
  • Michel van den Hoven 06/06/2007 20:20

    Thank you for your comment. You are the first here in the community. :-)

  • ELSABAKH 27/05/2007 18:06

    zenya,i have uploaded the camel
    as your request..
  • Giovanni Pasta 16/05/2007 9:25

    Thank you for your comments and taking the time to look,

    Regards Giovanni
  • Linda Naranjo Photographer 25/03/2007 23:05

    Hello Zhenya,
    I have fond memories of my journey through Russia. We met many wonderful families. Regards Linda
    Russia Circa 1988
    Russia Circa 1988
    Linda Naranjo
  • Sarndra 23/03/2007 22:26

    :-) thanks for your comment on Zibby's photo..... yes i had to cut it off like that to get up as close as i did unfortunately!

    Cheers from New Zealand
  • Kevin Bredimus 24/02/2007 20:01


    I like your photos! great pics!

    and thanks for posting a comment at my kevins! ;)
  • Paraschiv Vasile 17/02/2007 12:45

    The picture you comment is taken from a car. Not moving but the glass effect is seen on the upper left side. I know is not the better frame but i want to catch the feeling. Thank you Zhenya for spending time on my photo. Regards, Vasile.
  • Zhenya Z. 26/01/2007 7:55

    Jon Abbas, Welcome!
    Certainly I " shall hold a hand on pulse "!))) (It is Russian specific humour!)
  • Zhenya Z. 26/01/2007 7:51

    Greetings, Cesar! By the way, wanted to ask - your name...you not the relative of the ancient Roman governor Gaja Julia?
    What has inspired?! Simple overindulgence in a photoshop! Top my part (by the way, it is made on the telephone camera - SonyEricsson k500i!), and bottom - any charm from a disk.:)
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