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  • judith b dunn 28/06/2021 23:20

    Bonjour everyone!  How wonderful to be among kindred spirits!  Love and hugs to all of you!  Judi
  • Sue Thompson 27/07/2016 8:32

    Hello Judith and welcome back, it is great that you are returning to the fold :)))

    Sue :))
  • Mirjam Burer 20/07/2016 17:36

    welcome back Judi! A great joy to see you here again...hugs, Mirjam
  • judith b dunn 16/07/2016 2:13

    .... I have decided to come back to FOTOCOMMUNITY, as I feel the deep need to connect with people who love photography and the adventure that it brings into our lives. The world to me seems so insane and disrupted in every way... I just wanted to be with people of a like mind-set and take comfort in the group..... Judi
  • judith b dunn 21/02/2013 22:19

    I have been an avid photographer since 2004 with digital cameras. I was always the one taking the photos many years before that, starting with my Brownie Hawkeye as a child! I try and take a least one photo each day, just to practice TTL and photoshopping. I love my Nikon D300 and variuous lenses, and now I carry a Nikon s61000 in my pocket each day wherever I go. At 16MP, it shoots a tidy little photo! I am now an outrageous 72 and still loving every moment of life. I am an extreme 'Francophile', having lived in Paris and return to France every 2-3 years for a month visit! I adore Europe and love to travel and meet people, and take their photos! I think fofocommunity is a wonderful resource for photographers! Best wishes, Judi Dunn, Tallahassee, Florida, USA
  • Fons van Swaal 31/12/2011 15:04

    Thanks a lot my friend for all the comments throughout this past year...
    Best wishes..
  • Canan Oner 15/12/2011 14:21

    Wishing you all the best...
  • Fons van Swaal 12/12/2011 15:06

    Best regards and many thanks for all the comments throughout this year ...
  • Canan Oner 01/01/2011 13:10

  • Fons van Swaal 01/01/2011 11:00

  • Fons van Swaal 18/12/2010 13:09

  • Canan Oner 12/12/2010 22:55

  • Natalja Dralova 15/03/2010 5:54

    Many many thanks,judith!
    Best wishes, Natalja
    Morning of September
    Morning of September
    Natalja Dralova

  • Canan Oner 15/12/2009 13:05

    With all my best wishes..
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