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Usually I do not take many photos, although I am a fan of photography. I joined F.C. because my sister Maria João Marques(a member) spoke about it and I came to peep and liked it very much.
Meanwhile, my youngest sister Ines Soares joined the community, and my eldest daughter Lupita Teixeira too. I can truly say I have a branch in the F.C. family.
One of these days I will start to show you my photos...
I cannot say I have a favourite theme., because enjoy many types of photographic work.

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  • Maria João Arcanjo 20/12/2009 13:30

    Merry Christmas MANA. And all the best for 2010
  • Vesela Maleeva 25/12/2006 17:35

    Dear Cristina,
    Marry Christmas to you and your beloved! Looking very much forward to seeing you pictures here soon! Vesela.
  • Thomas Vanselow 21/12/2006 13:30

    Hi Christina,

    you got a real big family here. ;o)))) I hope, you enjoy it an I`m looking forward to your pics.

    lg Maike
  • pg-Fotos 21/12/2006 9:47

    hi christina,
    thx for visiting my photos an the kindly comments.
    peter :-)
  • Vesela Maleeva 20/12/2006 23:59

    Hi Cristina,
    Thank you for your visit and comments.
    Greeings, Ves.
    cat on a hot tin roof
    cat on a hot tin roof
    Vesela Maleeva
  • Leonardo Majluf 10/11/2006 2:06

    muchas gracias
  • José N. Vázquez 19/10/2006 23:52

    Gracias por tu comentario a mis fotos, soy apasionado de la fotografía y felíz de estar en contacto con personas como tu gracias a FC
    Con afecto.
    José N.
  • Cristina H. 19/10/2006 22:54

    Mais uma Cristina....muito bem :-)
  • Sergio Pessolano 19/10/2006 16:37

    Hi Cristina,
    Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "My Little Brother". I really enjoy your comment. Please, let me know when you will start to post your photos.
  • KasiaDesign 18/10/2006 23:00

    A belated welcome to the fc family, Cristina!
    I've already met your sisters on my travels and love their work!
    Thank you for your comment to my Impact photo.
    Beijinhos as I have learnt from my dearest friend MJ :-)
  • Abdul Khaliq 18/10/2006 11:01

    Hi Cristina,
    Thanks for your comment
  • Esti Eini 17/10/2006 22:44

    Hi Cristina,
    It is wondeerful to have such a talented family. I love the pics of your sisters vey much.
    I hope to see some of you too!!
  • Füsun Özler 17/10/2006 7:27

    Hi Cristina,
    Thanks alot of your nice comments,
    Füsun Özler
    back streets-2
    back streets-2
    Füsun Özler

  • Angelo Facchini 07/10/2006 15:25

    Thanks Cristina.
  • Antonio Amen 07/10/2006 14:58

    Olá Cristina, isso é que é uma familia de mulheres...
    Bem vinda ao F.C.
    A cabeça espero que já não ande á roda....LOL. Beijinhos para ti, Inês e João.

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