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Thank you for visiting my profile.

My profile pic has been shot in 2003 at the age of 44.
It is very unsharp, not perfect at all, but it shows me in a way, I like to be. For me it is a pleasant memory.
I think, the mean right that photography exist, is because it is a witness of our memories. I believe, the more memories you have had in your life, the richer was your life. Thats why (in my opinion) we have to work every day for making our memories.
And all those pics on will testify in future.

Eerbeek, 12-10-2006

I think it is time to update my profile.
I have always made pictures with pleasure. I made my first real pictures when I was 14 years old (around 1973).

I got my first (reflex)camera when I was 17 years old. It was the first Ricoh.
Making pics in the old analog way was an expensive business and it took a long time for you get feedback in the form of your pics. Still I made a lot of pics during the years. You have to see my photo albums! Almost 2 meters!! ;-)
Of course I have seen born and grow my pictures in the darkrooms with redlight on real photopaper. An experiance I didnot want to lose. But I’m glad that is in the past. And of course organizing your pics in photo albums ;-)

This year I offered myself a digital photocamera (Kodak Z 740 5,0 megapixels;
with an 38-380 mm lens).
I entered a new world!
I like the possebilities of digitalcamera’s.
I like the quick feedbacks.
I like the possebilities to change and retouch my pics on computer and improve the images in a way I want.
And I like the costs (I’m Dutch). ;-)

I am not a professional photographer but rather someone who takes photography as an activity for plessure. I enjoy capturing and freezing the moments, moods and emotions of subjects regardless of what and where they are.

I hope you enjoy some pieces of my work and please do drop any comments for me to improve further. I am here to learn. I am here to join.

I found out the calibration of my monitor was not good (too dark). I was lucky, Susie Q told me, when she gave me feetback on my comment of one of her pictures.

So I have to make new uploads of Nienke4 and Nienke4 reload. The black backgrond is not black and you can see the cut and copy-work is not good be done. I couldn't see it , now I do

Susie, thank you very much! You opened my eyes ;-)

Regards, Cor

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