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Wildflowers growing in a field by my Sissy's house.......

Wildflowers growing in a field by my Sissy's house.......

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Dennis Maloney

Free Account, searcy, Arkansas

Wildflowers growing in a field by my Sissy's house.......

.......Sissy lives just north of Trinidad Colorado in the Rocky Mountains, at night you can sip coffee or a something stronger and look down on the city of Trinidad with it's flickering lights from her balcony, then in the morning you can see Fisher's Point from her kitchen window or sit on the little porch just outside the window, as the clouds at eye level start to warm and rise, revealing the wooded mountain side, and if you look real good you will probably see one of the young black bears that were trying to get into the trash-cans that night scurrying up the mountain, and then Fisher's Peak starts to emerge from the white fluffy stuff, and at 8:30am on a nice day you can see it the way I shot it and presented it a little while back.....

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  • Sesostris 12/04/2020 21:23

    Sehr schönes Bild

    Lg und schöne Ostertage
  • Norbert Hupperich 15/05/2015 13:05

    Very nice flowers, Den.
    Well presented in this foto.
    And because of it and your description I can imagine the landscape in which it grows....
    Best regards from germany
  • Inez Correia Marques 16/04/2015 22:41

    they are so beutiful Denis .beautiful close up
    i can almost touch them
    thank you
  • Adele D. Oliver 12/04/2015 21:02

    so pretty these blossoms against the green background and dots of blurred flowers .... wonderful to be able to look at this and all those beautiful vistas from Sissy's place !!
    hugs, Adele
  • Mirjam Burer 12/04/2015 20:43

    It seems that your Sister lives in a fairytale landscape ....Must be awesome and great ...
    Here a most beautiful flower so well photographed..
    compliments Den
    lg, Mirjam
  • Lila 12/04/2015 16:55

    eine wunderschöne Arbeit !!!
    L.G. Lila
  • Wolfgang Weninger 12/04/2015 16:48

    this must be a very fine place to live ... but you can't stay there without a macro lense *g*
    Servus, Wolfgang
  • Mauro Tomassetti 12/04/2015 14:34

    Fantastic wildflowers and excellent photo!
    Regards Mauro
  • Jenipher Baker 12/04/2015 12:46

    Where you sister lives Den sounds really idyllic :-) and this is good shot of the flower . stands out wonderfully from the soft green bg :-)
    lg Jeni
  • Harold Thompson 12/04/2015 9:27

    Unusual flower, good dof and what a place to be
    :-)) Harold
  • Sue Thompson 12/04/2015 8:32

    You make it sound like a mountain paradise Den... the sort of place I would love to visit......

    These wild flowers are beautiful and remind me of some flowers that we grow her... and for the life of me I cannot remember the name........
    Super close up.
    Have a beautiful Sunday

  • Peter van der Houwen 12/04/2015 7:36

    What a special flower, so beautifully photographed!
  • † Ushie Farkas 12/04/2015 4:59

    That´s a DREAM,Den! My Fav! I love it!