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robert l roux

Free Account, whitehorse

qui est moi ?

je suis simplement vieux
très, très jeune
et je comprends seulement
"cogito ergo sum"
tous les jours
mais alors
je demander . . .
p o u r q u o i

Für Robert Roux aus Whitehorse: Eagle Plains
by Arthur S
21.09.05, 20:42h
The Old Apple Tree (for Robert L. Roux)
by Kay Wölfle
10.11.05, 21:54h
Für Robert L. Roux
by Uwe Roos
5.11.07, 18:38h
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a song for the beautiful canan and inez


wishes for the happiest christmas ever
and to all my friends at fc
prospero año y felicitad ;-))

not easy to be a model :-)
by Tatiana Kirillova
25.09.07, 22:32h


Patricia. F., 10.04.2006 at 6:36h
spieglein spieglein an der wand...oder am Boden?:)))

John Moore, 10.04.2006 at 7:09h
Looks as though you are in a howling snow storm mate.
Have a great day.


Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 10.04.2006 at 7:27h
Nice work. I like it.
Regards, Mircea

Ulrich Fleischer, 10.04.2006 at 8:51h
its art, great work...
lg Uli

Dusan B. Hadnadjev, 10.04.2006 at 8:54h
Good job Robert!


Esti Eini, 10.04.2006 at 9:00h
Your reflection makes you very philosophical. reflection brings reflections....
I like it very much!

Wayne Tsipouras, 10.04.2006 at 9:26h
I agree with Esti, your reflection a very thought provoking image. Clever mood and design.
Great work seeing this!


Josep Antoni Collado i Àlvez, 10.04.2006 at 9:58h
Are maybe you the man of the wounded heart, which Goeoges Moustaki sang?...

"Jour après jour, les jours s'en vont,
Laissant la vie à l'abandon.

Dans le jardin de l'homme au cœur blessé,
L'herbe est brûlée. Pas une fleur.
Sur l'arbre mort, plus rien ne peut pousser.
Rien que les fruits de sa douleur.

Les quatres murs de sa maison
N'abritent que l'absence
Où sont partis les compagnons
Avec leurs rires et leurs chansons,
Où sont partis les compagnons
Avec leurs rires et leurs chansons.

Parfois, des larmes viennent abreuver
L'herbe brûlée du souvenir
Mais quel soleil pourra-t-il réchauffer
Les jours enfuis ou à venir ?"....

Karin D. Ludwig, 10.04.2006 at 10:59h
Qu'est-ce qu'un garçon formidable?! :-)
Avec un grand sourire Robert.

Steve N.S., 10.04.2006 at 12:25h

.... sometimes i ask myself

very good work - like it

Stu Good, 10.04.2006 at 12:58h
ça ne fait rien cela, où est votre motocyclette ? ;-)

Great shot Rob, impressive composition.
Regards, Stu.

Lothar Surey, 10.04.2006 at 15:24h
great art work! lg. lothar

Cees Kuijs, 10.04.2006 at 18:31h
Very good editing, Robert. Really nice.
Greetings, Cees

Robert Riley, 10.04.2006 at 18:44h
Excellent art work RR, the whole thng works really well.


Heda Kabesh, 10.04.2006 at 20:03h

Sissi Böhm, 10.04.2006 at 21:14h

John Holmes, 11.04.2006 at 2:22h
great idea. well done. jh

Peta Lisle, 11.04.2006 at 12:17h
Great idea Robert good to see you experimenting.
Is this an inverted reflection - very moody?

Luca Smail, 13.04.2006 at 1:09h
great work high class
bye Luca

Jutta Washington, 15.04.2006 at 19:47h
C'est toi Robert :-) Tres belle photo.
Salut Jutta

Wen P, 17.04.2006 at 9:56h
Exceptional self portrait.

Véronique Soulier, 24.04.2006 at 7:25h
"qui suis-je" ? fondamentale question et dans ce flou artistique, je vois que tu es toujours en quête de la réponse. comme nous tous. Jolie photo, by the way.. amitiés Véronique

Voting Center, 16.05.2006 at 10:45h
This photo has been selected for the gallery with 37 pro- and 23 contra-votes. Congratulations, Robert L Roux :-)

Wen P, 16.05.2006 at 10:45h
I have a fondness for Robert''s portraits and especially his self portraits. I am very moved by this one, and I think it is one of his best reflective images. I guess "reflective" in more than one context is what I enjoy most about Robert's view. This one shows so much of what I know about him. He has a special relationship with the architecture (grounded boat) in the background and the stark winter landscape of him home. I think the play of the shadows, the colors and the light along with the very delightful composition make this an exceptional image. I hope others do to. It captures a very sensitive and somewhat mysterious man that I've found highly intriguing.

It left me with a paraphrased quote from Emily Dickinson.

I'm nobody, Who Are You?
Are you nobody too
Then there is a pair of us,
don't tell.
They'll banish us you know.

How dreary to be somebody
how public like a frog (sorry for the French allagory RR ; ))
To spend your live long day
croaking to an admiring bog.

Bernhard Stocker, 16.05.2006 at 10:45h

Kai Sehlke, 16.05.2006 at 10:45h

Frank Cecconi, 16.05.2006 at 10:45h
Brilliant - a highly emotive image! Well spotted, Wen;-) PRO

Roberto Grilli, 16.05.2006 at 10:45h

Ruud van der Lubben, 16.05.2006 at 10:45h
Completely agree with Wen in this !! PRO

Manuel MM, 16.05.2006 at 10:45h

Peter Mertz, 16.05.2006 at 10:45h

Raymond H., 16.05.2006 at 10:45h
PRO Robert!!! bless from Iceland

Falko Seegel, 16.05.2006 at 10:45h
I like this very much and so I humbly join the pros

A N D R E A S Hoffmann, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h
arte pro

Dennis Veldman, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Jan Van Der Hooft, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Josep Antoni Collado i Àlvez, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Jutta Washington, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Yasemin Carmen, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h
I am very old and very, very young,

'I think, therefore I am' (cogito ergo sum)

but I thought, 'why I am'?

no one knows, these lines from one of my favourites "Descartes" ...
don't let us drawn either...

Massimo Carolla, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Sergio Pessolano, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h
Excellent. PRO

Dragomir Vukovic, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h
YES, pro Man

Celal Tayar, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Poli M, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Peter Kis kalóz, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Jacqueline Chay, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h
Thumbs up for me :))

Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h
Pro !

Fabio P., 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Dominic Falcone, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Dennis Veldman, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h
what does this mean :
sehr bald

Anastasya Ivanova, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Gerry R. Dagonese, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h
Very interesting and unique. Not sure I like the crop off the top of Robert's head, but I can live with that--pro.

Cees Kuijs, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Hasan Önal, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h

Steffi P, 16.05.2006 at 10:46h
**** P - R - O ****

Dennis Veldman, 16.05.2006 at 11:06h
Old Grudges are ugly things.. i thought i would vote because of the photograph not the photographer..

Once i was asked if i would remove EVERY SINGLE COMMENT i ever made at this photographers work by himself.

But since it was a long time ago that i had this struggle because of a sympathy vote Robert made he put me on Ignore
i thought it was ok to vote now, but i receieved a fotomail
The message he wrote for me ::: was for me : and after i asked what it meant i reacieved a fotomail..

And now i see he removed the comment with this in it ::
sehr bald

Normally i dont care and sure aint going to share it. but now i will :

Fotomail from Robert L Roux to Dennis Veldman

the voting stage isn't a great place for grammar lessons ...
peut-etre = perhaps (maybe - bad french)
sehr bald = very soon (worse german) ...
initially i voted PRO, but after your second comment, i changed it to 'skip' -
i can't vote for your stuff, perhaps i should put you on my 'ignored list' too ... ?
respect is earned, it's never automatic -
even with a bunch of gallery pics ...

PS: RObert i dont want or need your respect. What i do want is a Honest Voting. If you dont like that..

Put me on ignore now. every mail i will recieve from you will go straight to administration.

Pascal Viyer, 16.05.2006 at 17:37h
Le rêve, la poésie en plus

Robert L Roux, 17.05.2006 at 6:21h
thanks to all for voting and, especially!
your comments -
they're truly an important part of this fc thing ...

special thanks to When for the nomination, and Jaime Crystal Attenborough for keeping in touch,
and the biggest smile to Dennis Veldman ... ;-)))

as for me, i remain desperately flawed
by anonymous 1
16.09.08, 18:04h
but happy to be a part of the great bunch of people at fotocommunity
lg r

Babs Sch, 17.05.2006 at 9:33h
Robbie, herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!

LG Babs

Rieva Azrul A, 17.05.2006 at 10:03h
nice reflection foto...

Ektor Coughanour, 19.05.2006 at 18:34h
Estupenda y poderosa composición!!...Saludos desde México.

Ikka Capellan, 29.01.2008 at 18:19h
Congratulations Robert,
very cool!
you are "only you"
Ciao Ikka

Iedu Alexandru , 29.01.2008 at 19:10h
Stunning image Robert ...
Speeechless compose and captured !!!

All the best,

Monika Czelna , 29.01.2008 at 19:25h
J'aime beauceup cette image très special...
Belle trvail...

Anna Katarina , 29.01.2008 at 21:54h
Why am I ? ... great words...excellent image...and the boat is there as well..it is somthing special about that boat...sorry always mention it..Best wishes Katarina

Wayne Tsipouras, 29.01.2008 at 22:33h
Wonderful capture and idea, very well done.


Dragomir Vukovic, 29.01.2008 at 22:45h
excellent !

susan smith , 30.01.2008 at 0:15h
wau! very interesting! :)

Stefan Giehl, 30.01.2008 at 7:20h
Gruss, Stefan

Verena F. , 30.01.2008 at 14:03h
Wer weiss das schon?
Jedenfalls hast du die Frage sehr gut umgesetzt.

Gruss Verena

Robert L Roux, 31.01.2008 at 11:14h
qui suis-je ... ?
with thanks to my fc friends
je suis


your friend

Happiness I
by Ikka Capellan
14.02.08, 7:50h

petit monde , 2.02.2008 at 14:59h
Ce travail laisse une forte impression tout en étant très simple, bravo!

Tatiana Kirillova, 16.03.2008 at 20:07h
Really great picture! Takes an eye. Congratulations with Gallery ;-))

Miriam Robertson , 7.08.2008 at 20:35h
,,,,,, I do not really understand, why the estellita has
gone .........., hmm .............................................
Hope, not the same will happen to the last journey :-)
l i t t l e r splashies ii
by anonymous 1
30.03.08, 8:40h

Robert L Roux, 17.08.2008 at 16:39h

* * * * *

dearest secretary . . .

the most beautiful stars
will always be seen

by Carles Serraima
26.02.08, 19:03h
by Simona B.
3.08.08, 11:07h
"feelings of harmony - PART II"
y -
11.09.08, 7:16h
with the

c o r a z ó n

grrrrrrr R r

¿(*. * .)!!

¡ wOoof !

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