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Free Account, Just a Motown biotch in the Emerald City

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  • RajB 17/08/2012 9:06

    good use of ring flash! :)
  • Andy Pomplun 25/04/2008 17:54

    again, on the right the hair drowns into the background and the whole photo is totally oversharpened in face and hair. But I do like the use of the ringflash here :)
  • Geoff Ashton 25/04/2008 17:42

    nice b&w though i would of preferd more detail in the hair
    pesonal taste i dont like the ring light in the eyes
    but as you know i cant do this
    bw geoff
  • Orca 21/04/2008 9:24

    ein sehr schönes Bild. Es muss wirklich nicht immer alles jung und glatt sein !!!