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Astrophotography and digiscoping naturalistic photography.

The graphic, photographic and communication fields have always been a work and a passion.

The interest in astronomy has always been part of my life until the moment when I started to dedicate myself to astrophotography, a form of photography that uses telescopes to capture images of deep space, and passion has become something of bigger.

To promote education in astronomy and to spread astrophotography I organize seminars, photo exhibitions, workshops, dissemination events and courses in astronomy and night photography / landscape.

I also take care of nature photography in collaboration with Swarovski Optik and organize workshops for them in national parks and in the best natural oasis to observe and photograph animals in their natural environment.
I love nature and the Nordic countries and a couple of times a year taking photographic journeys to the Northern Lights and the Arctic landscapes.

Italian Brand Ambassador for Sky-Watcher and Celestron
Italian Brand Ambassador for Optolong Optics Co., ltd.

Swarovski Optik photographer for digiscoping photography.
Member of GAGBA - Astronomic Amateur Association of Giovanni Battista Amici.
Honorary member C.O.S.Mo - Circolo di Osservazione Scientifico-tecnologia di Modena.
Blow Up Club Member of Maranello.
Planetary Society Member.

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