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Born in Perugia in 1970, I am an electronic engineer. Photography, therefore, is not my job, but it is the passion that I love and cultivate since childhood.

Already during Middle School, I was studying SLR camera and I was shoting with a plastic compact camera a gift from my father, from whom I also learned the first technical rudiments.
Starting from adolescence, I began my self-taught training course, studying the works of important photographers. After the first few years of simple souvenir photos, I started to shoot in a more "conscious" way when I was 18 and I received my first reflex: a Practica MTL5B equipped with a splendid Pentacon lens 50mm f1.8, which I still have.
Dazzled by the great Ansel Adams technique and work, my first approach was landscape photography, in slide and negative black and white. I didn’t have a darkroom, but sometimes I could use the equipment at my father’s school.
Over the years, continuous research and curiosity developed my own style and interest in other photographic genres, through still life, photo nature and, more recently, abstract and conceptual. The latter allows me to fully express my personal view of photography, understood more as an art form rather than as a mean of documentary.

Like many other photographers in the early 2000s I switched to digital photography , in order to have more control over the photographic process. Right away, in fact, I personally took care of editing in Photoshop. I recently partially stepped back, dusting off analog equipment and rediscovering the pleasure and magic of the darkroom.
Since 2006 I started a path within the photographic associations, enrolling at UIF (Photo amateur Italian Union). Since 2015 I am also member of the GPU (Global Photographic Union).

For several years now, I have had the fortune of sharing my passion and thus free time with my wife Elena, also a photographer. Together we created several four-handed works.

I consider photography as a medium for expressing thoughts and emotions. I am an observer and a listener, and since I do not love chatting, I let my shots do the talking.

I use Pentax and Practica SLR cameras with Pentax, Pentacon, Sigma, Tamron and russians lens. I have different focal lengths, but my favorite is still the 50mm. I also own a medium format TLR camera Yashica MAT-124G.
For many it will seem "heresy", but I recently turned the attention to the cameras found on cell phones and tablets. For me it is not important what equipment is used, but only the final result: the photography and its message.

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