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Menja Gschwender

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i live in namibia since eight years, however, originally i m from frankfurt.
namibia is an enchanted land, wonderful but also relentless. sometimes i want to hide from the pitiless blue sky and flee back into green fields and forests and listen to rushing rivers. however the heat and dryness of this country appear strangely reassuring and calming in another way.
we have infinite spaces and deserted places. and if you really pay attention you will find the little wonders of life, like countless gecko species, amazing desertflowers and clowds of butterflies during the rainingseason.

through my photos i try to capture what is valuable to me.

Commenti 14

  • Mr. Saguari 21/12/2008 13:01

    Sagi :-)
  • Dan Gherman 12/03/2008 18:01

    Thanks Menja.
    I was not in the mood for photography lately. But i'll be back :)
  • ElenaA 02/02/2008 23:49

    Thanks Menja for your nice message. I think your pics are very original and intense!
  • sulik 25/01/2008 17:13

    I wanted to thank you for the comment on "boredom"
    I shot my photos in Zoo Opole (Poland)
  • Ilidio Fernandes 25/01/2008 17:07

    Menja , thank you so much for the kind comment
  • Christina Helena Jürgenson 25/01/2008 14:12

    Oh yeah. I love this city. :)
    Although I go every vacation (so like 4-5 times per year) back home, to Estonia. When I came first here it suprised me totally how few Germans here are. For me Frankfurt isn't really Germany, but like 'Europe'. The people aren't Germans, they are Europeans. :)
    Which is quite nice if you consider what kind of 'cultural' knowledge you can get here.
    So...You like Aferica?
    Have You been after leaving Your hometown back here for vacations or smth?
  • Christina Helena Jürgenson 24/01/2008 23:53

    Oh thank you a lot. I appreciate it.
    So, you're from Frankfurt/Main? :)
  • Mr. Saguari 08/01/2008 16:42

    Hallo Menja, thank you very very much for all kind comments ! much me cheered !
    welcome in FC
    Sagi :-)
  • ladyyy 07/01/2008 21:53

    hhmm.. Unfortunatelly, I don't understand German language...
    Anyway.. I wanted to thank you for the very nice comment on "the shadow of his smile"
    Have a nice evening.
  • Mark Johnston 06/01/2008 21:05

    It's on the Havasupai reservation in Arizona on the southwest of the Grand Canyon. Permits are required and it's around a 10 mile hike to the campsite but obviously well worth the trip!
  • KasiaD 06/01/2008 14:41

    Hallo Menja, danke für Deine Anmerkung zu meinem Blackhouse-Bild. Schön, dass es Dir gefällt! Du wohnst ja in einem für Europäer zumindest sehr interessanten Land. Kathryn
  • Anja Hertweck 17/06/2007 20:51

    Vielen Dank für Deine nette Anmerkung zu meinem Bild (Winke, Winke...).
    LG von Anja
  • Marko König 02/04/2007 22:27

    Herzlich willkommen und viel Spaß hier.
    Viele Grüße,
  • Menja Gschwender 02/04/2007 19:35

    be a freespirit
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