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Gioia C.

Free Membro, NY

Commenti 13

  • Roberto Rubiliani 26/06/2008 19:15

    Spettacolare, veramente professionale - La stò guardando da minuti!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ciao rr
  • Kris Meeteetse 10/06/2008 15:41

    The Lights, the view - everything.
    Great Shot!
  • Ilidio Fernandes 10/06/2008 1:22

    Wow !!!!! Excellent indeed, great shot
  • Günter Franz Müller 09/06/2008 22:14

    a wonderful scenerie !!
  • Manfred - Schmidt 09/06/2008 22:12

  • Torsten Albe 09/06/2008 21:18

    Klass Licht und Schnitt.

    Gefällt mir sehr.

  • Alexandru Valentin Iedu 09/06/2008 21:04

    WOW ---------- This is one of the most beautiful and impressive city panorama that I ever see ...
    NY is fantastic ... I think ...
    Excellent captured ...

    Best regards,
  • Anke Barke 09/06/2008 18:20

    Wunderschön. Sehr schön aufgenommen. Liebe Grüße ANKE
  • Kathy Rett 09/06/2008 17:37

    Frederick ... it´s there ... there ... ;O)
    Great pic! And Bryant Park was my favourite place to drink coffee.
  • Frederick Mann 09/06/2008 16:55

    thought I know where Byrnt Park was.. (it's dark and I don't have good night vision..)...
    where ever you are Park.. (this is an excellent picture)
  • Thomas Ellendt 09/06/2008 14:08

    Wow...what a great view...and a great picture...
    I miss it since I was there a few years ago...
    Perhaps in october again... :-)))))
    We will see....

    Best wishes,

  • .Falk Fischer. 09/06/2008 13:29

    Amazing picture.
    I like it. I've take the same picture at december last year:

    We love New york since this trip.

    Bye, Falk
  • Sandro Emanuelli 09/06/2008 13:18

    A wonderful view! A good job!