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Friday I´m in Love

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Taking photos is for me not only a hobby but a way to show my feelings and emotions.

Please write in English... ;)


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  • Sandro Emanuelli 27/08/2006 21:46

    Just on Friday? It's a waste and a pity :-)
    I like your presentation and your pictures. Ciao
  • Roberto Rispoli 24/07/2006 22:11

    Hey did you delete your shoots?It isn't?
  • Mirko Taverani 05/07/2006 22:35

    oh...I haven't see your photo in this description when I wrote the comment...therefore compliments for your expression ;-P
  • Vinicius S. 31/05/2006 5:27

    beautiful their pictures!
  • Taurus L. 26/05/2006 19:59

    Smackkkk...... to give a kiss!!!!
    Taurus L.
  • Marco .N. Brambini 24/05/2006 20:44

    Yeah, some kinf of, that's why the title is "The photo I don't like" :P I think is a part of me I can't accept. See ya!

  • Marco .N. Brambini 24/05/2006 12:29

    Thx! You too :P orange

  • Marco .N. Brambini 22/05/2006 13:12

    Hi, thx a lot for your comments! The guitar is an acustic one, but I'm not able to play it :p, someday I will learn to play guitar, for sure! Bye!

  • Gianmarco Vetrano 17/05/2006 23:42

    i Like your shoot!
  • Anke M. K. 17/05/2006 14:41

    Hi Friday I´m in Love!

    Welcome to Fotocommunity.com! I hope you will enjoy your time here and that you'll find a lot of people to talk to about what brings us all together here: photography.
    And if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask other photographers or a member of the administration team for help.

    You also can click here for information, help or the different features of fotocommunity.


    P.S.: Your profile pic is very cute! Hope we will get to see more photos of you!
  • Roberto Rispoli 16/05/2006 21:30

    Oh yes i know that!!It's one of my favourites!!!Good light!
  • Roberto Rispoli 16/05/2006 20:45

    Welcome in FC.I am a fan of "THE CURE" too.But i don't remember all theyr title songs....Perhaps i'm too old!!
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