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Angelo Luisi Montenegro

Free Account, Torino

Su di me

“The Light, is Perfection; the Architecture does nothing more than Build around it…”

Angelo Luisi MonteNegro was born in Turin in 1977. He carries out Studies and Photographic Research on Piedmont Architecture, retracing the History: from the Roman origins to the Baroque expansions and beyond; through the Avant-Gardes of the early 1900s, to get to the latest High-Tech buildings. With the creation of a architecture handbook and a selection of zenith photographs; develops 3D housing models (scale 1:100); using filtered light to making Draft and industrial paper to making Structures. Inspired by the Baroque interior of Piedmont and from 5 “Vérités Irrécusables” of Le Corbusier; the Arcologiche Theories of Soleri and the Neo-Urbanism of Krier; the Bio-Architecture of Norberg-Schulz and the Articles on Sustainability of Herman Daly.
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