Sala della I Guerra Mondiale.

Sala della I Guerra Mondiale.

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Vitória Castelo Santos

Premium (World), Lisbona

Sala della I Guerra Mondiale.

Museo Militare . Lisboa

By Sousa Lopes (Leiria 20 February 1879 - Lisboa 21 April 1949 )

In 1917 he held a first individual exhibition in Lisbon. This same year parts to the front of I World War as an official artist, performing a series of works in which records the action of the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps. In 1918 it settled near Versailles and makes preparatory sketches of compositions on the Great War; in 1923 he exposes in Paris. Until 1927 travels by Europe and North Africa, passing seasons in France and Portugal. His paintings subcontracted by the Portuguese army were not fully appreciated because they demonstrated much reality with lack of military upright-position..

Output from the trenches.
Output from the trenches.
Vitória Castelo Santos

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