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joe palermo

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Introduction at the works of Joe Palermo

The apparent “collage” of works that Joe Palermo shows is well defined style not only in the work itself, but in the cut of its works that are photos or digital paintings.
There is always a light motive which shows the originality of his point of view.

The story teller explains with words a story that Joe Palermo does with pictures. which ranges from something factual to fantasy the status of a society

The solidity of his images is the fruit of his experiences in his life. This is rich and different then that of any other human being.

This”collage” of experiences has also a strong personality and identity in his out standing work, which has nothing to do with education or a formal academic doctrine.

The originality of his digital work or photos reflects the complexity of an art
too often confused with classism of an art society “iced up” in rules and obsolete convenctions.

The language he uses is common but also implicit of the event which torments,his young and intensive life, where even death is part of his life and knowledge.

If we want classify Joe Palermo the instinct it is primary art.

Mario Bologna
Art Critic

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