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Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you like the product of my passion for photography. I am retired and love to travel.
...I use mostly canon equipment.
...I use Photoshop CS4, Lightroom 5.5, and OnOne Perfect Suite 9 for most of my photo editing and creativity.
....thanks, den

Before retiring in 2010 I was an active member in "Professional Photographers of America", "National Association of PhotoShop Professionals" and "National Association of Nature Photographers of America". I was also privileged to photograph nesting Bald Eagles, migrating Rosetta Spoonbills, and other selected migrating birds for the manager of the "Bald Knob National Wildlife Refugee". My business was den...photography, and I did weddings, sports events (mostly youth), wildlife and nature photo-shoots, and (my favorite) macro photography. I learned a lot here at "fc" because when I saw something I liked, I inquired about how they got that effect, etc., and most everyone was willing to take the time to explain. There are a lot of "great" photographers here and most are happy to help someone, after all they were not born with their skills either... I hope everyone enjoys fc as much as I do.

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  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 05:01

    Dear Den, all my best wishes for a wonderful Christmas Season and a healthy and happy
    New Year ..... and thank you for your friendship and inspiration !!!
    Festive Greetings,

    Happy  Christmas Happy Christmas Adele Oliver 02:13 3

  • Jean-Pierre39 Jean-Pierre39 , 21.12.14

    Hello Den,
    Thanks a lot for Your comments. Of course, this equipement are really expensiv and easily damaged. So I prefere to buy some nice equipements for doing the fotografy, or for my excellent music equipement.
    I wish You and Yours a merry X-Mas and e lot of fun with in fotografy.
    kind regards Jean-Pierre

    Die Drohne Die Drohne Jean-Pierre39 18.12.14 3

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 19.12.14

    NO, dear Danny mein garden was only 4o x 8o mts. ( 12 years only ) it trug many flowers am Day Time but by Night the argentiniern hatten always,!!! the flower stolen , also I fear to lost my head when I show the Fotocamera and so I have no much fotos from it. Sorry.

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 12.12.14

    Thank you very much dear Dennis for the to much comments , but I cannot write gut english for you and this is a big pitty . greetings Norma

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 09.12.14

    Thank you very much dear Dennis I am very happy to hear from you again and I wisch you the best . greetings Norma

  • Carlo.Pollaci Carlo.Pollaci , 01.12.14

    Thank you very much for your nice words.

    Milly, a little story _The End Milly, a little story _T… Carlo.Pollaci 22.09.14 18

  • Norbert Hupperich Norbert Hupperich , 01.12.14

    Dear Dennis,
    thank you very much for your nice comments to some of my images.
    I´m really pleased.
    And I found some photos in your Gallery that I like, too.
    I´ll come back to visit your Gallery occasionally.
    Best regards from Germany

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 30.11.14

    OK, I read your comment and I learn a little more , rippened = deutsch ap machen , spanisch = arrancar
    If you are near me I then, I will / can learn prompt rusch english , that ist sure !!! greetings Norma

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 30.11.14

    DEar Dennis , I am very sorry that I cannot write to much english to your kind fotos , I like these as well but . a big pitty !!! .. best regards Norma

  • norma ateca norma ateca , 30.11.14

    Thank you very much dear Dennis für your notice I am very happy with this and I wisch you a nice day !! best regards Norma