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Zoltán Farmosi

Free Account, Szolnok

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Profile picture taken by Zoltan Pintér.
I have a DSLR vith a few of old, M42 and a couple of newer glasses. I started taking photos in 2005. Sometimes (from time to time) I get going with my camera here and there, then I shoot that seems appropriate to that moment. The subject is decided by that moment, my feelings, emotions... But let me admit, there are times when I go out only for a picture of a mood. The range of my taste can take up almost anything. I love story telling pictures even/especially if that story is only a few words long.

Some techy stuff: I like RAW, and the least possible post processing (mostly in converter, and the usual level, contrast, resize and sharpen things). If I don't like the stuff coming out of my data card, I start thinking about a reshot or forget. I guess this is pretty much all about the technology you really need for an image.

In addition to the above ones: One of my personal favorites (not listed here) was taken with a cheap mobile phone camera. What I mean with this: Good pictures don't depend on what you use but how you use what you use. Mind what you publicate though. Please take your time to have a look at my pictures and tell us what you could have done better had you taken any of my pictures. You don't have to be a pro or any kind of expert to have an opinion. Share it! Thanks for reading so far.

Greetings from Hungary.

Feel free to check some of my favorites:

Zoltán Farmosi

Zoltán Farmosi

A landscape
A landscape
Zoltán Farmosi


Commenti 5

  • Inez Correia Marques 23/01/2007 11:51

    nice meeting you..
    i'll be watching!
  • Jacqueline Chay 22/01/2007 23:51

    Hi Zoltan, Welcome to FC and many thanks for visiting my portfolio and commenting on my pics Regards from Australia
  • Jim McKinniss 19/01/2007 19:04

    I have look at the few images in your portfolio. They are very fine images.

    They also express visually what you have said about your reasons for taking photos.

  • Robyn Raggio 18/01/2007 20:27

    There are no coincidences, Zoltan, are there? Someday I would love to photograph in your country. It's compelling, deep, paradoxical and wondrous.

  • Robyn Raggio 18/01/2007 19:42

    I agree with your theory and philosophy about doing the magic in camera. That challenge is the best for learning and it is entirely your own style...not dictated by any parameters except those in your heart and soul. Well done images with stories that delight and provoke thought.
    All the best,
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