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I started photographing at age 13, and 10 years later i became a theater photographer. This is a great opportunity for a young person to learn the lights and shadows. I remember after 3 years i have not seen the lights well. My eyes have not been able to see. But has been around 50 plays photographed in this 3 years! I survived it.. So in the theater the first question is not what camera do you have. The question is what educated your eyes. I make theater photos for 31 years...But i now that my eyes very slowly began to see. In the theater changes the lights in every moment. Often i make pictures in low light. For example the Dream and fear's picture i photographed in candlelight. When the director said not give any more light, i thought the end of my career.But then i found the world's most sensitive film. It was the Kodak Recording 2485, and this film saved my life.. When an actor wrestle with the role, when he tries the move, feelings, love, this is a special play.. To see the transformation, this is a fantastic experience. The amazing ability of people is the transfiguration. We need this play. There is no life without it.. This is a special responsibility and joy to show these moments. I had done some short films in my life, because the film is the great opportunity to express myself: http://www.youtube.com/user/szobi22?feature=mhum#p/a/u/0/rWiRywkn0mU Thank you for your attention. Gabor


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Hasselblad 500C/M
Sinar P2
Digital Bodys and lens