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Sonia Esposito

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"...........beauty in the eyes of a child is like a golden summers mist, but in the eyes of an adulterer, fraudster or liar, their guilt turns beauty into a cyst........"

Hi Im Sonia I live in West Yorkshire and my hobby in photography is something that I share with my family and that we all enjoy doing together. I would still classify myself as new to this art and I hope that my pictures provoke some form of emotion in you all good and bad!!..............

We are very fortunate to live in a beautiful area surrounded by moorland, countryside and a magnificent glen.....inner city life....not for me any more!

I am very proud of where I live, the important people who are my loves in my life and life in general and I would like to capture some of those images in photography to share with you all.

Enjoy, Sonia x

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  • s. sabine krause 12/04/2009 16:28

    happy easter, sonia!! have a great spring weekend! greetings, sabine.
  • Anne Frog 30/01/2009 0:49

    Thanks for all your comments. Anne
  • adriana lissandrini 29/01/2009 20:09

    Grazie Sonia
  • William Williamson 29/01/2009 15:31

    Thank you for the 8 comments you made on the photos they mean so much to me. Your words are fantastic to read Thank you.
  • William Williamson 27/01/2009 14:36

    Hi Sonia:
    Again thank you for your comment.
    Regards William.
  • Michael Grotkamp 27/01/2009 11:38

    Thank you very much for your friendly comment, Sonia, I enjoy him...
    regards: Michael

  • William Williamson 19/01/2009 22:34

    Hi Sonia;
    Thanks for the comment it was one of the Belfast City Council.
  • Ulrich A Wilbert 18/01/2009 23:08

    Thank you for your comments.

    Greetings from Uli
  • Antonello A. 18/01/2009 8:29

    Grazie Sonia delle tue analisi attente e professionali.Buona domenica Ciao

  • William Williamson 16/01/2009 0:41

    Sonia thank for your wonderful comments on two photos.
    Regards William.
  • Eva T 15/01/2009 23:14

    Thanks again for your comment. Have a great day :-)
  • Michael Grotkamp 15/01/2009 21:05

    Thank you so much for your kind comments Sonia.
    regards: Michael

  • botano 15/01/2009 16:03

    Hi Sonja,
    Thank you for your nice comment.
    I saw your pictures- and I really like them..


  • 73-Photography 14/01/2009 23:46

    Hi Sonia,
    thx for your comment and compliment. Yes, the snow was very soft and powdery - it was a beautiful day ;-) Greetings to Leeds! Tobi
  • William Williamson 11/01/2009 14:51

    Hi Sonia;
    Again thanks for the comment.
    Regards William.
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