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Paul Kiddo

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Everything in the visible world attracts me, almost without any particular preference, not to produce a confused inventory, but to try and discover amongst the moltiplicity of subjects some new and essential aspect, a kind of secret, which may be human, plastic or even merely decorative. The image as such is stronger than commentary: it explains itself, it has no need of written or spoken words. But in each of us lies the desire to know more, to find out how, where or possibly when such and such a picture was taken. Creativity means continual change, and it is with this attitude that I approach all my work. I always try to break with tried and tested methods, to explore new ground and new subjects, and to make them my own: there is no limit to the discovery to be made. To arrange the elements of a subject by selecting from the many possible visual solutions those few which represent the most symbolic utilisation of the subject's visual qualities of color, texture and form, is the very crux of how I approach every photographic moment.
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