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Mika Ela Fisher

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Mika' Ela Fisher

Mika'ela Fisher noto anche come Mika' Ela Fisher è un'attrice tedesca e un modello che attualmente vive a Parigi.

Mika'Ela Fisher is a German actress and model currently living in Paris.

Mika'ela has worked for the leading haute couture house Max Dietl in Munich having graduated with a masters degree as a bespoke tailor.
She has also posed for the French artist Boussignac and worked as a resident model for the fashion house Martin Margiela in Paris.
Her career as an actor began after studying under Jack Waltzer, receiving critical acclaim in her breakout movie Tell No One (Ne le dis à personne) directed by Guillaume Canet.
Mika'ela is a passionate and experienced horse rider and fencer and is a keen oarswoman.




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