Mihajlo Vasiljevic

Premium (World), Beograd

Su di me

IT profecional. Love of my life, Photography, for more then 50 year.

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  • Dragomir Vukovic 13/05/2023 19:26

  • Mihajlo Vasiljevic 22/09/2022 21:12

    Thanks Robert
  • Robert L. Roux 22/09/2022 13:40

    your pictures and titles inspire ... 
    yukoner regards 
  • Dr Didi Baev 27/09/2019 19:36

    Excellent portfolio. Cheers!
  • alexander stefanatos 08/09/2019 9:11

    Dear Mihajio, thanks very much for your attention and appreciation for my work. I've also been impressed from yours and by your skill in exploiting available light in landscape which is also my favourite intention in landscape photography. I tend more in historical and documentary photography as you may have already noticed. Presently I am still on holiday break and coming back I shall have more time to dwell on your excellent work. In many ways our subjects coincide and this is very agreable to me.
    friendly  alexander
  • Mihajlo Vasiljevic 15/06/2019 18:57

    Gde je moja slika lazovcino
  • moka72 08/12/2017 21:50

    Grazie per il tuo riconoscimento! Sono stato molto felice !!!
    Ciao Moka
  • Antonio Hijano 09/07/2016 8:47

    Gracias amigo Mihajilo...te agradezco tu visita.
  • CarmenV 11/06/2016 22:47

    Najljepša hvala Mihajlo na lijepom komentaru moje slike WHAT ARE DREAMS MADE OF, to naj?eš?e nije stil koji se mnogima može svidjeti pa sam vrlo po?aš?ena komentarom :)
  • CarmenV 07/03/2015 18:30

    Hvala Mihajlo :)
  • DRAGA PUC 23/11/2014 23:58

    Mihajlo, najlepša hvala za vaš prijazen komentar. Nisem najbolj aktivna zadnje ?ase. Upam, da kmalu nadoknadim. Hvala in lep pozdrav
  • Antonio Hijano 23/11/2014 22:29

    Gracias Mihajlo, es un placer tu visita y comentario.
  • CarmenV 23/11/2014 15:36

    Najljepša hvala :)
  • Lawson McCulloch 20/11/2014 20:16

    Hello Mihajlo, Thank you for your comment on my shot Steps to Prague Castle.
    best wishes,
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