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Free Account, Montecalvo (Bologna)

Su di me

Italian. Born September 21, 1958.

First attempts to shoot at the age of 6 with a "Gevalux 144" Gevaert "plastic" 6X6 camera.

Lots of BW 126 films and CubeFlash lamps blown with an Instamatic 33 I was given for 1968 Christmas.

My first 35mm was not mine. My father bought a Yashica Golden Electro 35 in 1970 and, with that camera, I had the opportunity to shoot my first mile of FP4 film which I developed and printed on my own in a bathroom used as darkroom with a Russian (Soviet at that time) enlarger.

It is 1979 when I collected money enough to buy my firts reflex! I did it in the country named Chzeckoslowakia (now Chzek Rep.), but is the 1981 when my beloved girl-friend (I did not marry her nevertheless ...) donated me a brand new Pentax MX. I did not separate from that jewel till now and I hope to have the possibility to refurbish my darkroom in order to start again shooting BW films with that masterpiece of clockworking machanics.
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