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Francesco Cura

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Francesco Maria Cura' is an established fashion photographer based in Los Angeles. He's been involved in the arts since an early age and has used their several forms and medias to express himself - music, theatre and painting among many others. After having graduated from the prestigious Institute of Arts P.Toschi in Parma (Italy) he slides into photography: it will become his primary vehicle of visual expression, which varies from all levels of fashion to abstract to architecture. The purpose of this website is to offer an overview of the body of work of the photographer.

Francesco strongly embraces both the production and post-production segments of image creation. His wide range of interests has brought him to capture the most varied of subjects, concepts and environments - which are visible in the collections on this site. Cura' works at his studio in Hollywood, but also thrives shooting on location.

Having been a sort of chameleon from age one, he has also the ability to vacuum someone's emotion and inner life to then print it on paper. Many of these captured moments are visible in his internationally published pieces ---

Francesco's hunger for experimentation has pushed him into crossing styles and boundaries. There's always room to love color, contrast, monocromes, black and whites, film and digital. The choice of a particular visual syntax is never casual but always causal. This way, every project is treated with particular care, sensibility and depth. The same care goes into the relationship he has with assistants, models, make up artists and stylists.

Along with fashion projects, CURAphotography offers services to actors, dancers, athletes, musicians, designers and all those fellow artists who are in need of immortalization. For inquiries, please contact him at the phone number and/or email given below.

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  • Ngone 02/01/2014 8:00

    Ciao amico

    Mi piace il tuo profilo in questa rete di comunità e penso che sei una brava persona, ci vogliono essere amici non so come vi sentirete su di esso, può scrivere a me attraverso la mia e-mail e vi dirà tutto sulla mia auto, comprese le mie immagini.( benitalusie@gmx.com ) mi dispiace che se io ti sto imbarazzante, mi deve spiegare me stesso a voi ( benitalusie@gmx.com )
    tuo amore,
    Miss Benita

    Hello friend

    I like your profile in this community network and I think you are a nice person,i want us to be friends i don't know how you will feel about it,please you can write to me through my email and i will tell you all about my self including my pictures.( benitalusie@gmx.com ) I'm sorry if i am embarrassing you, i shall explain my self to you ( benitalusie@gmx.com )
    yours in love,
    Miss Benita
  • Dennis Veldman 27/07/2007 22:17

    Hola Francesco,
    Welcome to FC!

    I wanted to tell you that its funny that the text you have on your profile is possibly made for your website, if you read it here, its kind of funny ;)

    "The purpose of this website is to offer an overview of the body of work of the photographer."

    "For inquiries, please contact him at the phone number and/or email given below."

    Im ready for it, ive added you as a buddy.

    show me what you've got ;)

    grtz & Enjoy
    (the forums are fun too!)
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