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Dario Aloja

Free Account, Napoli

Su di me

Born in Naples in 1982, in the "Arenella", halfway between the historic center and the modern hillside, Dario Aloja lives, now, the strong contradictions of a city torn between nostalgia for a past of European capital and a This labyrinthine metropolis, which swallows dreams and hopes of the new generations. How many young people of the third millennium, Dario feels the gulf between today's capitalist model, that the totem going global technological society alienating and dehumanizing, and the reasons of the heart, the need to shout to the world the experiences of her own life, the emotions of the encounter with "the other half of the sky". And this magma of impulses, moods, feelings, rises to the surface becomes lyrical outburst, becomes "Free Skin." And day after day, pursuing my passion: writing, I had the opportunity to work for several newspapers and national Neapolitan and the chance to meet professionals of great cultural importance. But it was my collaboration for Photography 3.0, an integral part of the blog Domiad Photo Network, for giving me greater satisfaction and to have stimulated my curiosity about the rich and wonderful world of photography. After more than three hundred articles for scriti fotografia30.it-(click here to read my articles written for photography 30.it-) I decided to launch a new blog of my own, through which I hope to offer for everyone: beginners, amateurs and professional, clear and simple, a watchful eye on new technological breakthroughs, photographic and post production. In this blog will also be treated topics relating to information technology, the latest generation of smartphones, but also news and curiosity about the controversial and fascinating world of Web 3.0, today more and more 'tied to concepts of sharing through images.
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Canon EOS 6D
Canon EF 24-105mm L IS USM