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I was born in 1980, when I was 10 years old, I began to take my first photos with an old Yashica. During adolescence, I have always followed this passion, trying to experiment with different subjects.The real passion has blossomed in me in 2003, when a special person gave me a camera, a modest Canon 1000, after that I went to a Canon eos 33.Only in 2008, with much distrust, I went to digital for business reasons, I got to enjoy the digital film with great nostalgia for the analogue camera, that is still in the closet, ready to shoot again.

My relationship with photography was always and is still complicated but the recipe is simple: take photos in different ways.

The photos tell a story , make you remember the moments and emotions of the moment , moments that you lived or you have observed . The photos are the memory of time , excite you and follow you for the rest of your life .

I watch as each each represents its own reality of world view , as it cuts out in a photo .

I love working with people, firts of all, establishing a relationship of complicity with the subject, then take a moment, an emotion, a smile and, finally, mix everything with the camera. That's what my passion and my experience leads me to be: a wedding reporter. The dream? Make travel reportages.

My book here
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