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Self-Portrait attempt 2. (1)

Self-Portrait attempt 2. (1)

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Self-Portrait attempt 2. (1)

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In questa foto si desidera Maria Chiara Bertagni espressamente un feedback costruttivo. Si prega di aiutare dando consigli su composizione dell'immagine, tecnica, linguaggio metaforico ecc. (Si prega di rispettare la netiquette!)
  • fotographication 01/04/2021 11:19

    Hello Maria Chiara,

    even from the back, this is a powerful pic to me! As well from the pose as from the color, I like this much better than "... Attempt 2. (2)".

    Please allow me to point out some things regarding the effect...
    First, I'd have set it a bit off-center. This comes out more harmonic (in Golden Ratio or Rule of Thirds) to me (like, for instance in your picture "To bloom"). And the 'empty room' on the left would be cut away so it cannot distract the eye from what's really important. (As you look to the right, here, obviously the left part is obsolete ;-) )
    Also, maybe you've got a 'longer' lens at hand? A longer focal length (with fully open aperture) would blur the background and the model (you!) would be even more prominent in front of a bokehish background.

    I have seen your portfolio and now I am curious about what there is to come...

    Cheers (and Happy Easter)


Cartelle Self-Portrait
Visto da 3.925


Fotocamera Canon EOS 2000D
Obiettivo EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 III
Diaframma 6.3
Tempo di esposizione 1/100
Distanza focale 41.0 mm
ISO 100

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