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Roscoff (Bretagna) - Church of Notre Dame de Croas-Batz

Roscoff (Bretagna) - Church of Notre Dame de Croas-Batz

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Pier Giorgio Mariani

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Roscoff (Bretagna) - Church of Notre Dame de Croas-Batz


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  • georg09 06/03/2012 14:34

    A lovely place on the end of the Bretagne = Finistere. An old little town of fishermen and searubber in former days. I love it very much. Very nice old houses round this church. Today individuel shops with artisans and countryspecial restaurants and bars. Nice for sitting there and have fun and meetings in summertime with tourists out all over the world and in late autumn and winter most with the inhabitans of this area. I have had always good times to stay there and want to come back ever and ever.

    This foto catch the atmosphare of the old stones, of the weather, of the style and construction ... and the situation.


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