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HRH Queen Elizabeth II

HRH Queen Elizabeth II

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HRH Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen used to inspect the Troops on horseback, but today at the age of 87 she uses a carriage.

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  • s. sabine krause 28/07/2013 18:00

    just came back to her majesty the queen who has just become a great grandmother! ; ) congratulations!! still so much to discover in this image! what i didn't notice the last time: how beautiful the red lines on the carriage correspond with the red ornamental seam on the uniform pants of the accompanying guards! greetings, sabine.
  • Wolfgang Rachau 23/06/2013 16:37

    a great shot of the Queen.

    Greeting Wolfgang
  • alexander stefanatos 22/06/2013 23:50 least she could have smiled at you....
    Good shot!
    regards alexander
  • Photographix by Moni 22/06/2013 11:49

    Nice and very british ;-)
  • s. sabine krause 22/06/2013 8:40

    exhausted, kind, and a little surprised! never thought i'd say this about a picture of the queen: i find it quite exciting because i haven't ever seen her this way – strangely private! she looks so lonely that my heart almost goes out to her! don't know how this could happen but, notwithstanding the fact that this was an official monarch event, it did, and you obviously captured her in a vulnerable nanosecond! she's being photographed so much – amazing that it's still possible to show new facets and surprise us! and, of course, the eye-contact is quite fascinating and moving, too! greetings, sabine.
  • Radek Roštok 21/06/2013 17:23

    Great photo of Her Majesty! Thank you for it !
  • Del-Hor 20/06/2013 22:57

    Is the Queen looking at you :-)
    Great shot Andy.
    Best regards
  • Carlo.Pollaci 19/06/2013 20:48

    nice photo of documentation.
    kind regards,
  • Nadine Oberwörder 19/06/2013 17:54

    Hi Andy,
    I love the photos you took that day, I envy you so!! :-)))
    That was the second time you got to see the Queen!
    I watched it on tv hoping to see you somewhere in the audience but unfortunately I didn't.
    Best wishes!
  • andrea gi 19/06/2013 14:58

    I especially appreciated the dedication of your selection to the soldier murdered. i live in Italy but me and my wife (who teaches English at school) have been in London and south England a lot of time and we love them. in 2008 we spent two weeks at a lady's house (she was Mary) between Catford and Bromley, travelling every day to Greenwich Univeristy with students on a study holiday. one day we wallked on tre bank to see Thames Barrier and we arrived at Woolwich.
    excuse me for the long story and for my enghlish (the teacher is my wife ...)
    we were very impressed and sad, some weeks ago, earing of that violence.
    congratulations even for your landscapes and Berlin shots

  • Harold Thompson 19/06/2013 9:46

    Good view of the Queen :-)) Harold
  • Tania Skaradek 19/06/2013 1:32

    Perfect series of London's life Andy!
  • Friese 17 19/06/2013 0:47

    I saw it years ago. Wonderful and 'very British'.



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