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Esto si que son sombreros

Esto si que son sombreros

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Diego Tórtola

Free Account, Valencia

Esto si que son sombreros

En las fiestas lo mejor es ponerse un buen sombrero:-)

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  • Manuel Alarcón Rosales 31/03/2006 17:09

    Not, dear Catherina, they do not give the money. The multitude is due to the mascletá of the 'Fallas' of Valencia in the Plaza of the Town hall.
    Of nothing and my regards.
  • KasiaD 30/03/2006 22:03

    Hi Diego,
    So they are not giving money away, I see...
    But I'm sorry I don't know what the event is, and my Spanish is mediocre. What is happening and where?
    Gracias, Kathryn