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  • Ansgar Leuthner 24/01/2023 15:24

    ..like a modern water-painting...with a little sad mood...because all of the windows are dark, looking like blind eyes...and nobody's there....(is this in Burano?)...Ciao, mia cara! Love & Peace forever! Ansgar
    • ann mari cris aschieri 24/01/2023 17:21

      It's a place called Little Venicem located in the Delta of the river Po, a natural oasis (80 km south from great Venice).
      If you have a car or a boat, it is good for a day trip, but the place is very hot in summertime and foggy in winter... it is also full of bike routes where you can easily get lost like in a maze.... wonderful if you decide to go there, but better to rely on a local guide.
      Peace & LOve forever Bro, CIAo!