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Paola Casali

Free Account, Rome

Su di me

I'm Italian and I don't know the German but I think the photographies have an universal language. I see in this site great photographers and I'm happy to be here.

Email: paola.c@fastwebnet.it

Thank to J.R. Garcia

Commenti 38

  • Jurafer 05/01/2009 14:45

    Tua fotografia mio fai felice
  • Christoph Schluderbacher 30/11/2004 9:08

    Ciao dal Norditalia! Belle Foto!
  • I Mario I 27/06/2004 23:08


    your portrait-fotos are just amazing. fantastic work at all!


  • One Enthusiast 22/04/2004 1:14

    Hello, Paola!

    I've just took a look at your photos. Some of them are really great! I'll put you in my "Buddyliste". Looking forward to seeing more photos from you.

  • Lothar1 24/03/2004 12:32

    Hallo Paola, danke für Deine Anmerkung
    Tschüß Lothar
  • Lothar1 10/03/2004 16:12

    Hallo Paola.
    ganz vielen Dank für Deinen Glückwunsch für dieses Bild
    Alter Mann
    Alter Mann

    Tschüß Lothar
  • Steffen He. 03/03/2004 8:04

    Hi Paola !

    In the galerie I found a picture from you and now I must say "Great"!!!
    I mean... a lot of your pictures are very interesting... So good :)
    I´m watching you


  • Robert Krettek 01/03/2004 15:03

  • L Tharin 29/02/2004 14:58

    Hello Paola,
    just saw your photographs, and i'm truly impressed.. you remind me of zosia (the post before me hehe) in some cases and Stefan Rohner as well for the contrasts and the arrangement on the photos.. Whatever, i like your Photos alot and i hope theres more comin in the future as well

    Regards BEn

    PS: Dont get fooled by the gallery :)
  • Zosia Zija 27/02/2004 19:00

    hello Paola ;)
    and also nice to see you here ;)
  • Der Daniel 31/01/2004 15:44

    Hello Paola!

    thx for your Words to my Pictures (forgive my bad englisch) and i will be show now your Pictures...i`hope i can learn about your sights..
    And with Time more then broken Words as Comments.
  • Tana Hall 26/01/2004 10:38

    wow paola, I'm very impressed by your pictures- they are really great !!
    saluti di hamburgo
    tana ;-)))
  • Murielle Schuller 23/12/2003 10:14

    Ciao Paula!
    I'm very impressed of your pictures!!! I'm happy I found them! Thanks for that (o:
    We'll see us here
    Many kisses
  • Günther Uhe 20/12/2003 10:20

    Hi Paola ,

    Nice to meet another black and white fan here !
    looking foreward to new pics !

  • indieberg 09/12/2003 19:02

    Your pictures are great !!!

    lg Bernd
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