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We read and do not only write poems in such a way to the fun. We read and write poems, because we among species humans rank, and the species humans is fulfilled of passion; and medicine, law, economics and technology are quite noble goals and also necessary; but poetry, beauty, romance, love are the joys of our life. I and my life... the recurring questions, the endless course of the disbelieving ones, the cities of full fools. For what am I there? For what is this life useful? The answer. So that you are here. So that the life does not go to end. Your individuality. Thus the play of powers continues and you your verse to it to contribute can." So that the play of powers continues and you can contribute your verse to it. What will your verse probably be?

so long

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  • hady 03/01/2014 17:25

    Ciao amico

    Mi piace il tuo profilo in questa rete di comunità e penso che sei una brava persona, ci vogliono essere amici non so come vi sentirete su di esso, può scrivere a me attraverso la mia e-mail e vi dirà tutto sulla mia auto, comprese le mie immagini.( benitalusie@gmx.com ) mi dispiace che se io ti sto imbarazzante, mi deve spiegare me stesso a voi ( benitalusie@gmx.com )
    tuo amore,
    Miss Benita

    Hello friend

    I like your profile in this community network and I think you are a nice person,i want us to be friends i don't know how you will feel about it,please you can write to me through my email and i will tell you all about my self including my pictures.( benitalusie@gmx.com ) I'm sorry if i am embarrassing you, i shall explain my self to you ( benitalusie@gmx.com )
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    Miss Benita
  • Dario Di Camillo 20/04/2006 12:05

    belle foto à dodicè...auguri
  • Dario Di Camillo 20/04/2006 12:05

    belle foto à dodicè...auguri
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