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Su di me


Meditative and quiet contemplations of Nature and Forms.

I loved the snow covered mountains in Iceland.

Commenti 12

  • Alberto Leonardis 23/04/2019 19:22

    Hi Jana, it makes me happy to see "Anche io suono il bongo" in the gallery. Lately I'm not very much active with FC, so just by chance I realised the success and I really want to thank you for your proposal. Ciao, Alberto :)
    Anche io suono il bongo
    Anche io suono il bongo
    Alberto Leonardis
  • Dragomir Vukovic 14/04/2019 18:22

    Beautiful work you have. Great light with you.
  • Arthure 12/03/2019 11:25

    A more than impressive portfolio. Bravo

  • Arthure 10/03/2019 13:42

    Your entire work shown is one. There are very few pages, perhaps none, that complement each other. Wonderful. A sweet melancholy with many dreams, daydreams.

    It draws me very strongly into these moods.

    Warm greetings

  • Greg GE 20/02/2019 21:24

    Congrats for your series "Mystic land" and thank you for sharing ! I must say : you have found your style and are reinterpreting it in many... colorful variations. Keep up the good work. Kindly, Gregory
  • Pilaber 19/01/2019 17:25

    Many thanks vor your comment in my gallerie, i appreciate it.
    Best regards, Patrice
  • Greg GE 23/12/2018 0:05

    Liebe Jajaouterspace, auch Dir eine frohe Weihnachtszeit, Freude an ein wenig Auszeit - oder am fotografieren und lesen, dazu viel Inspiration für das neue Jahr ! Gregory
  • ilmondodieLIOT 25/11/2018 6:39

    Grazie, amo ciò, il silenzio degli alberi, il canto degli uccelli, i rami d'inverno pieni di brina, le foglie nuove di primavera, e tutto quello che la natura ci dona... Ne dovremmo essere grati sempre, buona domenica :-)
  • Adele Oliver 17/11/2018 0:05

    many thanks, Jana, for adding so many of my black and white
    images to your favourites .. I appreciate it a lot !!!
    warm regards, 
  • Alberto Leonardis 27/07/2018 10:54

    Thank you Jana, for me it is always surprising to discover that some pictures vibrates also in other observers!
    Ciao, Alberto
    Lenti a contatto
    Lenti a contatto
    Alberto Leonardis
  • observer123 16/07/2018 22:40

    Dear colleague,
    Sorry I declined your request but learned in this community is better to appreciate and enjoy other people works without beeing commited. Hope you understand and I'm sure in the future time you also appreciate it.
    By the way in case you don't know it pay attention to Fernando Pessoa's English "Soul", Alexander Search, Pessoa`s Heteronym. Poems in English language are now beeing adapted to songs by Salvador Sobral, think you would like them.
  • Alberto Leonardis 09/07/2018 21:46

    Jana, thank you for visiting my gallery and for preference and appreciation.
    I wish you a very nice evening.
    Ciao, Alberto
    Anche io suono il bongo
    Anche io suono il bongo
    Alberto Leonardis



Vintage lenses from a certain time.