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PostPoetry is a modern way of the 21st century generation to express itself. Texts can be like old scars, callous, like blood and dirt. Or they can be melancholy, quirk, anomaly, ironically or enlighten. Dissolve extant boundaries and suggest new ones. Make us question our beliefs about what writing can do. Texts can champion social justice and human rights, war and psychological violence, provoking or gentle thoughts. And if they don´t entertain, they should at least make you starting to laugh or cry. Or both.

Our mission at PostPoetry is to cull the submissions we receive into a collection that will stay with you long after you have read it, a collection you´ll return to again and again.

It is said, what´s figured out – the freedom of opinions rules.
PostPoetry is the voice of a generation that experience the world around with open eyes. - A world that has a past that steadily and massively rubs off on the present.

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