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Davide Zappettini

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Black and whyte photographer based in Italy at Salsomaggiore.

You can buy my pictures (in various formats and materials) here:

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create a state of symbiosis with the subject is in my opinion the secret to a great shot and not the technique and the camera.
Many believe that a person is beautiful in itself art.
They believe, in short, the fact that the beautiful must necessarily become beautiful artistic.
But it is not.
The art is a personal and unique vision.

I work primarily with reflex in black and white film and I try to always take
separate ways and never stop on only one kind.
Personally I give a lot of importance at the framing of photos and I try to tell stories ...
sometimes with irony ...

Io sono...

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Canon EOS 5 EOS 3 EOS 5D

ef 50, 28-70, 100-.400is, 85