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Alessandro Della Casa

World Membro, Formigine (MO)

The girl who was selling peaches

This girl was selling peaches in the streets of Hanoi (Vietnam). I managed to convince her to pose for a couple of shots, but I had to buy two peaches from her :-)

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  • Double A 23/02/2008 20:08

    Congratulations on your well deserved * on this photo.
    Sorry I missed the chance to vote and put my + to it.
    All the best, A&A
  • Buttercream 04/01/2008 15:22

    wunderschön, ein wohl verdientes sternchen :)
  • Gianni Boradori 04/11/2007 0:22

    Hai avuto fortuna,se vendeva automobili ....era peggio
    Ottima street,non c'è che dire,ma le pesche erano buone????

  • lioufoto 16/10/2007 7:29

    a good shoot in Vietnam .

    aha, the Chinese calligraphy in the left ,
  • N i N a ² 10/10/2007 9:36

    congratulations !
  • Florian Clarén 10/10/2007 9:00

    thanks for this shot!
  • Alessandro Della Casa 09/10/2007 19:39

    @Anastasiya.....what's going on with you? Your last comments remind me those of an old mother in law...
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 09/10/2007 15:45

    What? Feeling bad getting forced to buy peaches? This at least saves her for earning money for living for days, and are you just that brutal et cold-hearted and not willing to spend a coin to buy peaches (and together with her portrait)?
    Silly attitudes are always just stupid and brainless. If I were that I would just go hit the wall with my cams.
  • Alessandro Della Casa 08/10/2007 19:36

    Thanks for your PROs guys!!!
    Grazie a Sergio per la proposta!
    ciao a tutti
  • Jutta.M. 08/10/2007 18:19

  • Luigi Scorsino 08/10/2007 18:19

  • Luca Di Paola 08/10/2007 18:19

  • CsomorLászló 08/10/2007 18:19

  • Mark Johnston 08/10/2007 18:19

    I think if she was selling peaches, then for an environmental portrait I'd like to see the peaches! But still a wonderful portrait and lovely color. Pro.
  • Maria Porter 08/10/2007 18:19

  • Canan Oner 08/10/2007 18:19

  • Tom McAlexander 08/10/2007 18:19

    Personally, I think it's OK to judge the photo AND the text, it the text enhances the photo in the mind's this one. PRO
  • r o l f WENGENroth 08/10/2007 18:19

  • Robert Riley 08/10/2007 18:19

  • Micha Boland 08/10/2007 18:19

  • Alessandro Della Casa 08/10/2007 18:19

    @Geoff ... difficult to understand what you really mean, sorry....
  • Doug Hough 08/10/2007 18:19

  • Claudio Capobianchi 08/10/2007 18:19

  • Anja Kosubek 08/10/2007 18:19

  • Geoff Ashton 08/10/2007 18:19

    agree with Ruud
    with out the text i miss the story sorry contra



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