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Harbour Impression from Gallipoli (Southern Italy) di dirk van Appeldorn

Harbour Impression from Gallipoli (Southern Italy)


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3.05.2011 alle 6:24
, Licenza: I diritti d'autore di tutte le foto sono proprietà degli autori.
Just to let you know that I am back :-)) Hope you all had a great Easter time and a "successful" Royal wedding (the Royal divorce is expected in 2-4 years :-))


Best wishes


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picture-e GALLERY70, 3.05.2011 alle 6:27

schön das du wieder da bist, hatte dich schon vermisst. ich hoffe nur, du hast mit den 2-4 jahren nicht unbedingt recht. ein problem könnten allerdings hier wie damals die fotografen darstellen. denken wir mal positiv und erwarten eine neue zeit. lg e

Jörg Klüber, 3.05.2011 alle 6:37

Welcome back Dirk!
rgds Jörg

Thomas Alm, 3.05.2011 alle 7:26

Welcome back you old anti-royal chap ;)
Seems that you had a good time in Southern Italy ?

viola d, 3.05.2011 alle 8:11

Oh, yes, I couldn't gaze away from the lovely couple and wondered why they didn't invite me to the wedding party?:)
I love the mood of the picture. Rgds, Viola

s. sabine krause, 3.05.2011 alle 8:38

maybe it will last – against all odds! the royal wedding ties, i mean. he seems to have married "his camilla" of ten years – let's hope she's the one he'll return to, always, his "solid rock", his lighthouse in the flood – which elegantly (yeah, right!) brings me back to this picture! great capture of what i first thought was a cast iron lighthouse, but is rather a water hydrant (?)! very atmospherical, too, with the sunbeams brushing over it from above, the beautiful cloudscape and the freighter passing by on the horizon… greetings, sabine.

lunes, 3.05.2011 alle 9:25

eine starke arbeit, sehr schön!
lg lunes

LaBella, 3.05.2011 alle 10:24

hi dirk and welcome back. missed your pictures.
and you did not watch the royal wedding? shame on you! ;-)))
but i think, the hype's not over. from now on everybody will take a look at kate to see if she's already pregnant.

great shot in your typical kind of work.
the sunbeams are the highlight.


Peter Kloth-Schad, 3.05.2011 alle 10:25

Dramatisch wirkt das, fast wie ein Bühnenbild für eine italienische Oper...auch wenn es nur eine Wasserstelle ist...

photo-josephine, 3.05.2011 alle 10:32

Hi Dirk, wellcome back!
Wish you had a great Easter time too!
This pic ist very dramatically with a lightfull darkness!
I like it!

BRYAN CRUTE, 3.05.2011 alle 10:32

has there being a wedding, must have missed it :-))
Great picture looking out to sea of this famous place( or infamous however you look at it )like the editing style you have chosen for it


pewebe, 3.05.2011 alle 10:58

Hallo Dirk, schön, dass Du wieder zurück bist. Bist Du vor der Hochzeit geflüchtet? Ich könnte es verstehen. Auch in Deutschland konnte man den Wogen kaum entgehen, selbst wenn man sich – wie ich – bemühte.

Dein Bild wirkt dramatisch, die Wassersäule durch die tiefe Perspektive wie ein Leuchtturm. Ein typischer Dirk! Gefällt mir gut.


Markus 4, 3.05.2011 alle 11:38

Very good to see you back save and well with impressing pictures.
You are a pessimist! I wish the couple a never ending lovestory. But this is my wish to every wedding couple.

RONSHI-FOTOGALERIE, 3.05.2011 alle 11:51

Werden in London schon Wetten abgeschlossen *gg*.
Dein Foto hat eine schöne, fast dramatische Stimmung
LG Gudrun

Mick-el-Angelo, 3.05.2011 alle 12:25

Back with beautiful clouds, sunlight and a harbour-landscape that reminds us of a time a hundred years ago. Great.
LG Michael

Claude Coeudevez, 3.05.2011 alle 12:54


Gerd Frey, 3.05.2011 alle 14:27

well done!

Elfie W., 3.05.2011 alle 14:39

dramatic light and clouds mood, almost like in a different time.
Nice that you're back Dirk,
rgds elfie

Klaus Kieslich, 3.05.2011 alle 16:23

Eine erstklassige Arbeit
Gruß Klaus

Inez Correia Marques, 3.05.2011 alle 18:37

Ah ,you are back ,and tha is what is so pleasent. ... :-)

not a royalist I see .-))))

fantastic super strong Monochrome. hugs

ston, 3.05.2011 alle 19:12

i like it very much...Galipoli and this wonderful pic. I think I should go one more time to Galipoli.

BR Stefan

008, 3.05.2011 alle 19:35

Schön das du wieder da bist Dirk..
dein Bild hat eine sehr kräftige aussage
super gemacht in sw..

A. Napravnik, 3.05.2011 alle 19:38

Eine gute Wahl der Tonung,
Klasse Umsetzung.
LG Andreas

Manuela Lousberg, 3.05.2011 alle 19:40

Ein wunderbares Motiv, klasse bearbeitet.
Der Wolkenhimmel ist beeindruckend, sehr stimmungsvoll !
LG Manu

Vitória Castelo Santos, 3.05.2011 alle 20:33

Hello Dirk
Great picture of those islands that i know from Sicilia.

André Reinders, 3.05.2011 alle 21:57

Great with this ray of light, fine toning!!!

Best regards


adriana lissandrini, 3.05.2011 alle 22:25

Welcone back Dirk!
I hope you have made ​​many beautiful pictures in Italy ..... this is beautiful, very strong interpretation, deep, high-contrasted as your usual ....
Best wishes

Vera M. Shulga, 4.05.2011 alle 8:24

Wonderful photo!Well done in b/w.
I'm glad to see you again here.

Alfred Schultz, 4.05.2011 alle 8:34

Bella Italia, but this time not "azuro".
Your interpretation as usual, is not usual at all.
Same goes for your unpatriotic point of view
of the Royals.
Regards - A.
PS: good to have you back.

Mark Billiau., 4.05.2011 alle 8:51

Well composed scene.
Strong editing work !
Well done, Dirk !


Cécile Fischer, 4.05.2011 alle 13:39

Eine grossartige Aufnahme! Hier scheint alles zu stimmen, einfach perfekt!
Liebe Grüsse,

Claudio Oldrini, 4.05.2011 alle 18:30

Simple and poetic subjet,great B/W picture.

Petra I. Henning, 5.05.2011 alle 21:19

Great shot... very good in b/w...

Anca Silvia B., 6.05.2011 alle 19:23

Excellent...kind regards,anca

DRAGA PUC, 7.05.2011 alle 22:48


warth, 8.05.2011 alle 16:40

Ein sehr starker Start. Horizontale und vertikale Bildsprache.
LG warth

Elke Kessler, 9.05.2011 alle 12:41

perfect photo...

LG Elke

Franz-Josef Eckenroth, 9.05.2011 alle 19:42

hi dirk,
it is nice to see your wonderful pics again.
great mood, darkish and then such an impressive sky.

well, well done.
the next one of your pics for my private favourites.


Alfredo Yanez, 17.05.2011 alle 11:04

Saludos y buena luz!*

Takis.K, 30.05.2011 alle 20:09

great work!
best regards Christos

Tatjana Puc Kous, 5.06.2011 alle 1:45

Good in b+w

ACAKO, 6.06.2011 alle 14:28

Un noir et blanc très riche en détails et symboles !
Amitiés, Annie

mike snead, 25.06.2011 alle 16:43

great pic,dirk.



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