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Willem Koops

Free Membro, Musselkanaal

Su di me

My name is Willem Koops and I’m living in the Netherlands. My first camera was the Agfamatic 3008. On my bike I explored the world and shoot a lot of anolog pictures. The nature was my best friend.

Years later there are no big changes of my love for nature. The big different is the digital camera I use and the abilithy to edit pictures with software on the computer.

Traveling, explore cities and landscapes have my full attention, but the beauthy of the mountains has my special interest. Hiking in the mountains and taking pictures is the drug for me.

Commenti 221

  • deppelerw 19/02/2018 8:39

    Hallo Willem
    Vielen Dank für Dein Besuch und Lob zu meinen Bildern
    LG Werner
  • Laura Oppelt 30/01/2018 12:06

    Thank you very much for your kind feedback Willem, really appreciate your words!
    Have a nice week, regards, Laura
    ... clarity
    ... clarity
    Laura Oppelt
  • didi-air 24/12/2017 7:39

    Hallo Willem.
    Vielen Dank für dein Lob.
    Ich wünsche dir eine frohe Weihnachtszeit.
    LG. Dieter
  • Herbert Heine 29/11/2017 20:56

    Hallo Willem,
    meinen herzlichen Dank, für das Loben meiner Fotos!
    LG. Herbert

    Ein Blick aus meinem Fenster.... und plötzlich, war er da.....
    Ein Blick aus meinem Fenster.... und plötzlich, war er da.....
    Herbert Heine
    Mein Lieblingsmotiv: Die Rapsfelder!
    Mein Lieblingsmotiv: Die Rapsfelder!
    Herbert Heine
  • Andrea Hollerauer 05/07/2017 21:09

    Thanks a lot for you comment. You have got wonderful pictures from the mountains! Very nice, i like it.
  • monika berger 33 01/05/2017 20:06

    hello from switzerland, thanks a lot for see my pictures. happy traveling all the time, monika
  • Medeea Mihaes 16/03/2017 15:45

    Thanks a lot for your comment to my picture!
    Differenze generazionali
    Differenze generazionali
    Medeea Mihaes
  • Clara Isabel 27/02/2017 16:59

    Muy buenas fotos y Gracias que tengas tu también un buen día.
  • Rocket3 22/02/2017 19:14

    Danke für Dein Lob.
    Liebe Grüße
  • PERSYN Thérèse 20/02/2017 15:44

    Thanks so much for the comment .....
    It is not my portrait, but that of a friend!
    La photographe......
    La photographe......
    PERSYN Thérèse

    Le môle......
    Le môle......
    PERSYN Thérèse
  • PERSYN Thérèse 20/02/2017 2:25

    Merci beaucoup pour le commentaire.....
    Dans les eaux de la mer.....
    Dans les eaux de la mer.....
    PERSYN Thérèse
  • Swissman 15/02/2017 12:08

    Thanks for the comment to my picture
    ..wenig Wasser
    ..wenig Wasser

    Greetings from Switzerland
  • Miche62 12/02/2017 10:21

    Danke für dein Lob.Deine Bergfotos.
    Ich finde sie sehr schön.Gefallen mir
  • skorpi48 30/01/2017 11:44

    thanks for your idea!
    best regards micha
  • Sichtweite 23/01/2017 15:52

    Hello Willem,
    thanks for your nice idea to my Picture, entangled is a good image!

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